6 Manners You Should Follow In Japan


6 Manners You Should Follow In Japan

When you travel somewhere, there are some rules your country doesn't have. Let me tell you rules you have to follow when you go to Japan.

1. Hot Spring
・Take a show before getting into hot spring. Many people use hot spring so, wash off your dirt and sweat for others.
・If you have tattoo, ask staff if you get in. Some place doesn't accept people having tattoo because tattoo reminds us of Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) and might scare others.

2. Transportation
・When you're in public transportation such as a train or bus, stay quiet and don't use your phone to talk. Big noise'd bother others.

3. Shopping mall Or Building
・There might be a escalator. When you're in east side of Japan, take a step on the left side of a escalator and make a space on your right for people might rush. They climb up a escalator like stairs. When you're in west side of Japan, take a step on the right side of a escalator and make a space on your left.

4. House And Some Facilities
・Basically when you get in a house, you should take off your shoes. Sometimes you're require to take off your shoes in some facilities like a clinic or Ryokan (Japanese style hotel).

5. Alcohol
・You must be more than 20 years old if you drink in Japan. But you're allowed to drink outside if you're under the condition.

6. Restaurant
・You don't need to pay the chip. But you will be surprised how excellent their service is even if you are in a cheap restaurant.

These are some basic manners and rules. Following them is not too difficult. Keep these in your mind and enjoy your travel!
Thank you!
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