How I Have Learned English


How I Have Learned English

I'd like to talk about how I have learned English. Perhaps, this will help you study Japanese. Perhaps, this will be a hint for your studying.
Let me explain the outline of my studying style chronologically.

First thing I did
I started to study vocabulary because I thought knowing lots of vocabulary would let me understand what people say and speaking English non-grammatically would work to communicate in English (Just put words related to what you want to say)

Second thing I did
I started to study grammar. And then I realized (just at that time) if I knew a bunch of vocabulary and grammar, I would speak English easily. Actually, this is true but is't true. You need to get your knowledge out of your head (Speak! and Wright!) many times otherwise, your knowledge get rusted. That doesn't mean you don't need to study vocabulary and grammar. No knowledge makes you speak harder.
When I started to study vocabulary and grammar, I was in Japan and decided to go to Canada. I didn't waste on time for vocabulary and grammar in Japan. (because in Canada, I thought there would be many chances to speak English unlike here in Japan)

In Canada
I found that a lot of vocabulary, expression, and complicated phrase by basic grammar, which I don't know, is in real English world, Canada. That discovery made me keep studying vocabulary and grammar though.

Survived life in Canada
I was drowned by English because no one spoke Japanese at home and my workplace in Canada. I was the only one who were not a native English speaker. But I was lucky. Everyone around me were kind and had patient. No one blamed me for my terrible English. They tried to let me understand them and tried to understand me again and again. I felt super bad about it.... But that made me study English hard to communicate with them.
I spent spare time for watching Youtube, dramas and movies. There were many useful vocabulary and expression that is used in life. I took a note of them.
And also I found a language exchange partner there.

In Australia
I am trying to stay there as Australian. (not for study, for use English as normal English speaker)

It's difficult to keep studying. One way you keep doing this is to find a language exchange partner or friend that have same an ambition as you. ( This might be help you. How To Language-Exchange)

I hope you enjoy this blog and get something making your life better from this blog.

Thank you!

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