Couchsurfing (how to find your lodging for free)

Couchsurfing (how to find your lodging for free)

Do you know Couchsurfing? It's a service for people looking for their stay for free or to be a host for those people. More than a million and 3 hundred thousand people in more than 200 countries sigh up for Couchsurfing.
However, you're not always be a lucky man. Hosts have the right if you can stay where you choose. For not happening it to you. you should make your profile amazing to let them know about you or get good references from other people.

You should know this manners as well. When you stay at his house found on Couchsurfing, dinner should be on you for him. But he must be a local. He knows local fantastic restaurants that aren't in any guidebooks.

Couchsurfing has some useful features that make your trip better.
The one is that you can find company when you feel alone. You could find a best friend with Couchsurfing.
Another one is that you can discover wonderful events around you. If you don't have any plans or want to know local events, it must helps you.

There might be vicious hosts on Couchsufing. You should be careful of choosing a host. Check there status and profiles to find the right one!

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Couchsurfing (how to find your lodging for free)
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