Airbnb (6 Reason Why You Should Use Airbnb)

Airbnb (6 Reason Why You Should Use Airbnb)

Do you know Airbnb?
This is a service for people looking for lodging and people who want to rent his house or room and match them.
Now this service gathers strength although Airbnb doesn't have long history, is found in 2008. In over 190 countries, over 34000 cities, it is used. Airbnb is originated by B&B which is a simple and cheap hotel in The UK called Bed and Breakfast, and it is said that the founders of Airbnb put "air"beds in their lodging house for a guest. These were mixed and the name of Airbnb was born.

Why people use Airbnb

1.There are many humorous houses or rooms you can stay
Rooms and houses are much more unusual than hotels are introduced on Airbnb. You can stay in a castle or ship or place you are interested in.

You wouldn't need to pay more lodging expense for stay that you find through Airbnb than hotels. You will be surprised at how cheap your lodging is on Airbnb.

Mostly, rooms and houses on Airbnb are owned by individuals. You might hesitate to use Airbnb. However, Airbnb adopt a system which is ID authentication. Hosts and guests on Airbnb is authorized by giving their ID to Airbnb. But here is a point. It's not everyone. Some of them is not authorized. You should check who is or isn't. Airbnb has a feedback system which makes you chose your host or guest more easily.

4.Another utility to use Airbnb
You can rent a whole house and whole room and can throw a party or hold a meeting.

5.Communication with a host and guest
You might stay with your host or guest in a same house. In this case, you will enjoy and spend good time with a host or guest. Probably, your host is local and knows good place to go or you can have experience spending time like locals. This is like homestay!

6. Many options
As I introduced, Airbnb gathers strength and lots of hosts and guests register on Airbnb. Therefor, many choices are there. However, it causes that you may not find good place to lodge easily.

Using Airbnb is safe to find your lodging but there is a possibility of encountering people who are poor hosts or guests through Airbnb. So, please make sure if your host or guest is Authorized and read feedback and profile. Check their Facebook or something if he exists or not and select them carefully.
When you use Airbnb properly, You must enjoy your trip!

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Other ways to find your lodging↓

House Sitting (how to stay at a good condition house for short - middle term with small money by yourself)

Couchsurfing (how to find your lodging for free)

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Airbnb (6 Reason Why You Should Use Airbnb)
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