Japanese Government Expands The Number Of Positions To Foreign Workers (Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act)


Amendment For The Immigration Law

The government party (The Liberal Democratic Party) decided to revise the immigration law to let the employment to foreign workers increase because of serious lack of human resources in Japan. The intention of the law is to get the skilled workers from foreign countries and stimulate economic growth. The new law is hope to start next year by the party. However, the opposition party has conservative opinions which don't let it through simply as the law effected on legislation statement. One of the members of the opposition party gave an opinion "How does the law influence Japanese workers? We're concerned about reduction of the employment to Japanese workers. " It was answered "The law would be set up not to give bad influences to the employment to Japanese workers. " by the government party.

The Type Of Current Foreign Workers In Japan

The number of foreign workers in Japan

approximately 1.28 million (as of October 2017)

The sort

International students (working at a convenience store or a restaurant etc as a part time worker)

Technical interns (working at a factory or a farm etc to learn the skills)

Highly skilled professionals (working as a doctor or a professor etc)

New Employment Expected By Amendment For The Immigration Law

There are 2 type of foreigner will be employed by the new law

1. A worker who can have daily conversation in Japanese and who has some knowledge or skills for the job.

2. A worker who can have daily conversation in Japanese and who has proficient knowledge or skills for the job.

There are a difference of resident conditions between type 1 and type 2
 DurationAccompanying family members
type 1Maximum 5 yearsNo
type 2Permanent (renewal required)Yes

14 Types Of Industries Applied By The New Law (provisional)


・Building cleaning

・Forges and foundries

・Industrial machinery manufacturing industry

・Electrical and electronic equipment related industries

・Construction industry

・Shipbuilding and marine industry

・Automotive industry

・Aviation industry

・Lodging industry


・Fishing industry

・Food and beverage manufacturing industry

・Food service industry


Japan faces serious shortage of workers and considers how to deal with this problem and if Japan accepts workers from foreign countries. The problem to accept the law might make the employment to Japanese workers worse if the government can't take a control. However the law might open the breakthrough of economic growth.
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